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Producing Australia’s purest water since 1997 and we will continue to grow our bottled water business in Australia.
– Founder & Chairman / Henry Heng

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Eneco Refresh Ltd is an Australia-based producer of distilled drinking water. The principal activities of our company are the production and distribution of bottled water and accessories. We also distribute filtration systems and water purifiers. Our company’s primary business is in the home and office delivery sector of the bottled water market. We sell in pack sizes, ranging from 600 milliliters to 15 liters for home and office deliveries. We have factories in Western Australia (Perth and Kalgoorlie), New South Wales (Sydney), Victoria (Melbourne) and Queensland (Brisbane and Toowoomba). Our famous brands include Goldfields Pure Water, Hydr8 Water, Oxyfresh Water, Oz Water Filters, Drink Up, Refresh Pure Water, Fusion H2O and Sunshower Springs.

Hence, it is a great pleasure to have you visiting our corporate website here and your investment to be one of our partners of the corporate is very much appreciated. Throughout our website, you will find all the detailed information you required regarding our company and your investment. Please come and learn more about Eneco Refresh Ltd. We are promised to provide you the best quality products and services.

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