Our Business

Core Business Activities

Eneco Refresh Ltd is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) under the code ERG. Its business is grouped into 3 wholly-owned subsidiaries – Refresh Waters Pty Ltd, Refresh Plastics Pty Ltd and Eneco Australia Pty Ltd. It is a subsidiary of the Eneco group of companies, Japan.

Our Products Are Sold Online Now

Eneco Refresh would not stop at just producing and providing our best quality water products to our customers. We are now starting to promote our high quality products online. Please shop now.​

Refresh Waters

Refresh Waters has been producing Australia’s purest water since 1997. It has factories in Western Australia (Perth and Kalgoorlie), New South Wales (Sydney), Victoria (Melbourne) Queensland (Brisbane and Toowoomba) and Northern Territory (Darwin).

We are Australia’s largest producer of distilled drinking water with a capacity to produce more than 15,000 litres of distilled water per hour. It is sold in pack sizes ranging from 350mL to 15L. We deliver directly to homes and businesses throughout Australia. Water coolers and dispensers are available for sale or hire. 

Refresh Plastics

With machines capable of producing up to 210 litres, Refresh Plastics offers a diverse range of plastic bottles, containers and jars for the beer, wine and beverage industries. It also produces water tanks, caravan tanks, jerry cans, watering cans, vehicle parts, etc. It produces its own range of best-selling Ampi activity toys. Refresh has been contract manufacturing custom moulded products for many companies. It has more than 20 machines both injection and blow moulding.

Refresh Plastics is committed to quality, customer service and competitive pricing. It is an environmentally conscious company with more than 100kW of solar power and committed to recycling plastic waste whenever possible.

Eneco PLASMA FUSION Fuel Refining Machine

Our Eneco PLASMA FUSION is an ultra-fine liquid reaction technology achieved by hydrogen ionization and carbon ionization. By the successful fusion of 50% water and 50% oil, we realize the refining of environmentally friendly and safe next-generation fuel.

Oz Water Filters

Oz Water Filters, stocks a wide range of water purifiers in Australia. The range includes sediment and carbon filters, reverse osmosis, distillers and air-to-water generators. These include portable as well as plumbed-in units. The wide variety ensures a drinking water solution to suit every requirement or budget. Distributorships held include AirQua from Singapore, Coway from Korea, Durastill from United States, Precision Water Systems from Canada and Megahome from Taiwan. It also supplies point-of-use (POU) water purifiers on monthly rental.

Jas Refresh Honey

JAS Honey is our premium brand used for our premium quality honey. Honey is excellent for health and perfect complexion. We are proud to market great Australian honey, especially our JAS Jarrah Honey.